Residential Services – IRA

The Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) and Spruce Manor

Provides assistance with the acquisition, retention or improvement of self-help skills related to activities of daily living to people over the age of 18, in a residential setting.

We provide rehabilitative services to developmentally disabled adults to strive towards the independency of consumers through community involvement and recreational outings.  There are two houses one located in Stamford, New York and the other in Hobart, New York.

Project Independence's Spruce Manor Residence in Hobart Village.

Project Independence’s Spruce Manor Residence in Hobart Village.

The Independent Residential Alternative also known as the IRA is located on a back street of the town of Stamford near the Stamford Pier which crosses the Delaware River.  Consumers who reside in either IRA do require 24 hour supportive supervision.  Staff ensures proper medical procedures are followed as well as monitor the daily routines of the consumers.  Although there is 24 hour support, the consumers still work independently in many ways with assistance from staff members.  Some of the recreational outings we have participated in are the movies, concerts, shopping, games (ex. Globetrotters), fun parks and many more.  Consumers really enjoy our Annual Camping trip.  Each year we try to find new locations to spend a week camping enjoying the outdoors and new recreation that can stem from the various locations we travel to. We are always looking for opportunities to introduce new experiences to our consumers.